Contest and Giveaway Rules

Hey friends, in order to make the giveaways and contest fair for everyone that enters we have set up a few rules to give everyone a chance at winning a prize.

1.  One prize per household every 45 days.

2.  Contest and giveaways are open to those living in the U.S. unless otherwise stated.

3. Winners will have 24 hours from when they are notified of winning to provide necessary information to us at  No response within that time, prizes will be forfeited and a new drawing will occur.

4. Fandads has the right to refuse prizes to those that abuse the entry methods.

5.  Rules and prizes are subject to change without notification.
6.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for prizes to be delivered.

10 Days of Fandads rules

For the 10 Days of Fandads the rules are the same as above with only one exception.

1. One prize per household during the 10 days.

We have done away with the first response being the winner because it was not fair for those that did not respond in time.  To make it fair after a set amount of time we will use a randomizer to select a winner from all the entries posted.

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