The New Perk to Being a Dad or The Extra Gift.

When we decided to start FanDads I started thinking of what type of content we could add to the site that would make it interesting and informative for other FanDads out there. I knew we would write about the things that we love: movies, comics, cartoons & video games, but what else can we add. Then I started thinking about about this year; my first as a father, then it hit me.

Every year we get about 4 gifts from our wives for the holidays: birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and if lucky, Sweetest Day. I know Sweetest Day isn’t a real holiday, but some people celebrate it. Now that I’m a dad I’ll get an extra gift: Father’s Day.

Yes, Father’s Day. Remember when you were younger and you would try to figure out what to get your father. You would talk to your friends or siblings and try to find that great gift and end up getting him a tie or a belt. I never want to get a tie or belt, but if I do it better be a Star Wars tie or belt.

I think that being a Fandad will make it exciting when Father”s Day comes around, because we might get a gift card for a video game, or a graphic novel that we’ve been wanting, or even that one Blu-ray movie that you haven’t been able to find. The possibilities are endless.

I know that this year’s Father’s Day will be an exciting one for me because it’s my first & because I will just be excited to see what I will get. Even if it is a tie or a belt.


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