My mind has been blown.

“But it’s the gameplay that’s really changed. First, you’re asked to don a headset, almost as if you’re playing Modern Warfare 2

. It’s unsettling and weird, at first. But then you get it. You’re the quarterback and what’s coming through the headset is similar to what comes through the helmet of, say, Jets phenom Mark Sanchez. The offensive coordinator is suggesting a play given the situation on the field.”

Wow! I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a Madden game for a long time. Do yourself a favor and read the article and then come on back!

See! What did I tell you? It sounds sweet, the team getting off the bus, (off the bus running if you’re the Bears according to Lovie) and the stadium progressively getting filled. *drools*

Madden is one of those games that has a special place in my heart, and my wallet. Yes, I am one of those suckers that gets it every year, regardless of how much I’ve been warned. Some years it has failed, but it’s Madden, you have to get it. I mean, Madden day should be a holiday, for reals. Surprisingly I can’t find any examples of them at the moment, but some of the ads for Madden Day have been awesome. If I remember correctly some were about missing husbands/boyfriends and people missing work, heh.

It’s not only that I’m a huge football fan, but I’ve got a lot of history with Madden. In high school we’d all would rush to my cousin’s house after school or practice to get some games of Madden in. Everyone had their teams, I had the Bears, my cousin was always Detroit, and we had friends who were the Falcons, Eagles, Broncos, Raiders, and Buffalo. We’d have tons of people playing at my cousin’s house and it was always a blast.

In later years it became a staple of Sunday mornings. Everyone would watch football at another cousin’s house and most of us would get there a bit early and play Madden before the weekly NFL games. Some of these contests would get amazingly heated, I remember one game where one of our friends demanded a rematch and anted up a hundred dollar bet. Playing two on two was especially interesting. “What the hell are you doing!” “Noooooo!” “Mother#$%!$@!”

During the holidays we’d play a tournament to see who would be the family champ. I even got a trophy made one year, the magnificent “Hoyne Street Cup”. (It’s like six inches tall, heh) In the last couple of years we haven’t been playing as much, this past year I think we busted out the Magic cards but that’s a whole other story. That being said, if Madden 11 lives up to the hype, I think Thanksgiving and Christmas just got a little bit more interesting.

Madden 11 is set to release on August 10th for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PSP.

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