Secret Ending in Iron Man 2?

If you remember at the end of Iron Man there was a short scene after the credits where the audience is introduced to Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury. This scene almost came out of nowhere and it helped show that Marvel had big plans for their brand and their heroes already in the works. With Iron Man 2 being released in about a week and a half rumors are already starting about what to expect after the credits this time.

Rumors have stemmed from Tony Stark meeting or talking about Captain America and Thor, while other reports say that there is nothing after the credits. With the advance previews and screenings being shown throughout the country there have been confirmations that there is something at the end of the credits this time. Now, I want it to be a surprise to myself and anyone that reads this, so if you want to know there are ways to find out, but in the meantime, this bit of news has made the anticipation for Iron Man 2 even greater for me.

I think that with or without something extra after the credits Iron Man 2 is going to be on par with Spider-Man 2, The Dark Knight and even Empire Strikes Back. These were sequels that got it right and made the audience more involved in the lives of the characters on the screen. Hopefully I am right about this, but either way I’m going to be there opening weekend.

See you at the theaters on May 7 or May 6 if I attend a midnight screening.


Update – Have you seen this Mike Relm commercial for Iron Man 2. This thing is amazing.

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