Need Something to Do?

Are you one of those people who’s always complaining that there’s nothing to do? I can get like that at times, I mean it really is true sometimes, there just isn’t much to do at times. The kind of luck that I have, however, always assures me that when there actually is something to do, it tends to overlap with something else. That being said, tomorrow is one of those days.

Let’s see, being that this is, I’ll start out with the most relevant. Free Comic Book Day. Visit your local comic book pusher retailer and pick one or two up. A lot of stores are also having sales and/or special guests. On the Magic front there are usually plenty of events on any given Saturday, but tomorrow Pastimes is having a Magic Triathlon which seems like a unique and fun event.

If sports are more your speed, I think there’s a fight on tomorrow night, heh. Mayweather v. Mosley is tomorrow night and if you think that’s going to be a tough fight, the Hawks are also playing the hated Canucks. There’s also a little event called the Kentucky Derby taking place tomorrow.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, be safe and have fun, maybe I’ll see you around.


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