Fandads Favorite Mothers

With Mother’s Day here, we at wanted to give a special salute to the mothers that we love. Now whenever list are made people tend to disagree or feel that their favorites are left out, but remember, this is just a few mothers that stick out to us. If you feel like your favorite mother was left out leave us a comment and we’ll make sure she gets her due diligence.

So here is our list and enjoy.

Padme Amidala –

Queen, senator, warrior and mother of the child that brings balance to the Force, you know Padme Amidala should be on this list. With her strong mind she kept peace and unity in her home world of Naboo until the Trade Federation invaded, but she never lost her cool. In the face of turmoil she went undercover and helped the Jedi take down her planet’s invaders. Even in the face of death on Geonosis she told Anakin she loved him and fought along side him until rescued by Yoda and the clonetroopers. Although her love for Anakin led to her death she still felt there was good in him while giving birth to their twins. I think that her death made her kids stronger, at least for Leia, Luke got the whiny gene from his father.

Dr. Girlfriend –

Her smooth skin, her sultry figure and her manly voice, Dr. Girlfriend is here. Although technically not a mother, every week on The Venture Bros, she mothers The Monarch and tries to help him with his plans. She always stays by his side when she doesn’t agree with his methods, but like any good mom she supports whatever he does. Even though they have had their problems in the past, Dr. Girlfriend seems like she will be a great mother whenever The Monarch decides to quit trying to kill Dr. Venture and settle down.

Lois Griffin – Lois Griffin is smart, funny, sexy and mother to one ego maniacal little boy named Stewie. Putting up her with her family and keeping her sanity makes Lois a mother that we can all count on. Lois deals with enough everyday from having a husband who never thinks properly,a pet dog that has a crush on her and a child that is always trying to kill her. She maintains a good home for her children and manages to keep it all intact when all is said and done. Maybe one day Lois won’t have to deal with any nonsense from her husband and child and have a normal day, but we know that will never happen.

Aunt May –

Aunt May may be one of the most caring, thoughtful and loving woman on this list. Raising Peter Parker with her husband Ben as one of her own children, she was always there for him no matter what. May Parker always made sure that Peter was getting his work done while in school and always had a warm meal waiting for him when he got home. Even after finding out about Peter’s secret identity she stood by him and didn’t freak out, like some mothers might have done. I don’t know what kind of hero Spider-man would be if Aunt May was not around.

The Bride –

Come on, who would not want her for their mother! This lady would go to hell and back for her children and take names while doing it. I would feel sorry for the kid that picks on you in school, because this mother would beat them and their family. The Bride shows what motherly love is all about by never giving up on finding her daughter and her final meeting with Bill is heartbreaking and liberating. If these mothers were to be ranked, I think that the Bride will be number one on this list.

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