Video Game Time 5/25 Edition

So last week I talked about Red Dead Redemption and all I could say is that this game is amazing.  I have only played a few hours of it already and it has sucked me in.  Riding around on the plains and skinning the animals I kill make this game so much fun.  I mean it’s Grand Theft Auto in the wild west, so what can you not like about it.  I have yet to play online, due to the glitches that are out there, but I will soon and when I do I will start a posse or join one and have some fun adventures in New Austin.  Let’s get to this weeks games.


Modnation Racers is the one game that I am getting this week immediately because I loved Little Big Planet and the whole idea of making your own levels.  Just like LBP, you can create your drivers, your kart and design the tracks.  The level editor is so easy to use that you will be building tracks in minutes.  There are literally hundreds of mods for you racers that you can customize them to look however you want.

Depending on where you buy the game or pre-order it you can get some cool in game drivers like Kratos, Nathan Drake, and Ratchet & Clank.  Early copies or the first batch of games will have a DLC code for Sackboy and his LBP inspired kart.  Another cool thing about Modnation Racers is that if you downloaded the demo and created drivers, karts or tracks the game will find this saved data and make it available to play in the game.  This is great so all that hard work doesn’t get lost.  I think I have to take time off riding in the old west so I can start creating tracks and racing my karts.  Modnation Racers is available exclusively for the PS3 and the PSP.

Since we are in the racing mood, Blur is a great racing game that deserves some attention.  With this title coming out so close to the release of Split/Second, it might get lost or looked over.  While Split/Second is a cool game with the destructible environments, Blur is a straight racing game with weapons.  I described it to people like Mario Kart, but with nicer cars and cool weapons.  It’s funny now to see some of the advertising for the game making fun of the Mario Kart series.  I played the beta and thought I would not like it, but a few hours later I was still racing and trying to get my rank up and increase my fans.  It’s a fun racing game and I definitely think this one is worth checking out. Blur is available for the 360, PS3.

Notable Mentions
UFC Undisputed 2010 (360, PS3, PSP)

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