Video Game Time 6/22 Edition

So I know I’ve been behind with the E3 coverage, but today I’ll cover what is coming out for the PS3 and the Wii. I’ll do like I did with the last post and just make bullet points of what is being released for these systems.  Also, we have a few codes for Kratos and the Kart of Chaos for ModNation Racers.  Find out how to win these codes at the end of this blog.

Being that my home is a multi-system home buying games is sometimes a tough decision.  I have to think about what system my friends are going to get it for and which one has the better in game exclusives.  Lately, I’ve been buying more games for my PS3 and it seems like this holiday season that is not going to change much. I’ve put some of my own thoughts below on certain games I’m excited about and I’d love to hear you thoughts too.

Sony announced a good amount of games and a few surprises.
– Gran Turismo 5 – Finally
– Little Big Planet 2 – Create any type of game you can think of.
– Socom 4
– Killzone 3 – in 3D
– Twisted Metal
– Infamous 2
– Dead Space 2 – Includes Dead Space Extraction
– Medal of Honor  – Beta started yesterday (trying to get codes for you guys)
– NBA2K11 – Jordan & ’99 Bulls in the game? What???
– Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
– Vanquish
– EchoChrome ii – I loved the first one, can’t wait for this one.
– Dead Nation

– God of War: Ghost of Sparta – I need to get a PSP.
– InviZimals
– Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Sony also announced their new motion controller: Move, along with some titles that will be available at launch.  Sony also mentioned that a few titles that are available now will get updates to work with Move.

– Sports Champions
– The Fight: Lights Out
– The Shoot
– EyePet – I’m definitely going to get this.
– TV Superstars
– Kung Fu Riders
Games getting updates
– Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
– Heavy Rain
– Resident Evil Gold Edition

I will be honest with you and tell you that my Wii doesn’t get enough love in my house.  I only use the Wii to play Super Mario Bros. Wii and EA Active.  Looking at the games coming out, I think my Wii is going to be getting a little more action, but we will wait and see.

– Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
– Metroid Other M
– Kirby’s Epic Yarn
– Donkey Kong Country Returns
– Wii Party
– Mario Sports Mix
– FlingSmash
– PokePark Wii Pikachu’s adventure
– Samurai Warriors 3
– Disney Epic Mickey
– Goldeneye 007
– Just Dance 2
– NBA Jam – Yes!
– Sonic Colors
– Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole
– New Carnival Games

Nintendo also announces a new 3DS with looks kind of cool, but the only game the excited me was Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Contest Time
We want to thank everyone that is a fan on our Facebook Page, but we would also like you to help spread the word about our site.  What we are going to do is ask you to suggest our Facebook page to your friends and have them comment who suggested the page to them.  The person with the most suggested friends will win a few DLC codes (Kratos and the Kart of Chaos & Air Raid) for Modnation Racers.  If you don’t have a PS3 we’ll find something to accommodate you with.  The contest will run until next Tuesday, so start spreading the word and thank you for your support.

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