Here We Go!

Time just flies by.

The baby shower came and went, everyone was very generous, and a good time was had by all. As far as I know anyway. We’ve also been busy at the house getting our baby’s room ready, Melissa’s hospital bag, and other essentials. Shockingly we were planning ahead and pretty much ready for her to arrive. Melissa and I have been very anxious and excited to meet our baby girl. Well…we’re going to meet her even sooner than we expected.

We came in on Thursday for a routine check up. The doctor found that her blood pressure was high so she decided on running some tests. As a precaution, she was going to keep her overnight for observation. The tests went well, but during the 24 hour period her pressure was still up and down. Her doctor decided to keep her one more day before deciding on what to do. It didn’t take that long. Later on in the afternoon, Melissa had a bad headache and the doctor made the decision to induce the next day.

Well, it’s now Saturday morning and the process has begun. Parents and family are on the way and my little girl should be here sometime today. I feel strange even writing this, there’s got to be something more productive I can be doing isn’t there? Well, Melissa’s sleeping, and there honestly isn’t a whole lot else going on. I figure I can kill two birds with one stone, tell everyone what’s going on, and keep myself busy. I’m honestly not that nervous. The most stressful part of the process so far has been dealing with the damn dogs.
Everyone looks like they know what they’re doing. The procedures have been thoroughly explained and both the baby and Melissa are fine. It’s just a waiting game for now.
I’m going to be a daddy.
God help Serafina and Melissa, heh.
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