Warrior Dash Update!

Well, there are two days to go before the Warrior Dash and I haven’t really had that much time to work out for it.  Am I ready? Who knows, but I am going to try my best.

I have been working a lot these past two weeks, so my legs have been getting a bit of a work out from standing all day.  My cardio is a little there from playing around with my little girl and walking my dog, but I don’t feel it’s where it needs to be at.  I think that I am up to the challenge, I only wish that I was in a little better shape than I am now.

I have been talking with my running mate about what, if any, costumes are we going to wear.  There have been a few ideas passed around: characters from The Warriors, wrestlers or just dressing goofy, but nothing has been finalized yet.  If anyone has suggestions, they would be considered.  Keep in mind it has to be something light that will not be caught in the barb wire.

I will do a post update to let you know how the event went with pictures and any accident reports.  So until Sunday night, wish me luck and hopefully I won’t pass out.

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