We’re Back & We’re Putting You to Work!!

We’re back and we are going to C2E2!!

It’s been a while since we have posted on here and a lot has happened: ChiTag fair, the holidays, I got to test a Chevy Sonic, selling my action figure collection, and my parents moving out of my childhood home.  So before we dig into those stories we want to thank everyone that has been supporting us and want to give something back.

This weekend we will be attending C2E2 and we are going to be doing a scavenger hunt for our followers.  How is this going to work, you ask?  Well, throughout the show I will be leaving little somethings at certain locations.  If you are a fan of our Facebook page we will write a clue on our wall and for those that follow us on Twitter @fandads it will post on our timeline.  Some of these will require you to say a phrase to get your prize while some will just require you to be at a certain location at a specific time.  If you are the winner of the prize we just ask that you post a picture on either our Facebook page or on Twitter with the hash tag #FandadsC2E2hunt. We will be giving out about four prizes each day (Saturday & Sunday) so keep a look out for our posts.

So let’s have fun this weekend and we’ll see you at C2E2!

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