The Dark Knight Rises has a New Trailer!

Today was a huge day for those that have been following the Dark Knight ARG game.  Today the site had up a dossier that asked people to go to certain locations throughout the world and take a picture of “evidence” of this masked vigilante.  Although most of the places were in downtown, one was Wrigley Field. Did anyone see these today?


Once you had this information you were to “Submit photographic evidence of graffiti related to any movement in support of the vigilante’s return. Make sure that location services or store location is on in your camera settings. Report any and all information pertaining to the investigation to the designated contact (#tdkr07202012 or”  For each piece of  “evidence” that was found it unlocked a new picture. Once all the pictures were unlocked, they formed the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. 

What do you all think about it? I wonder what’s next in the ARG game?

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