5 Spider-Man Graphic Novels You Should Read.

Ever since I started collecting comics, Spider-Man has always been one of my favorites.  From watching the cheesy show on Channel 32 back in the days, to making sure I got the 300th issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, I have always been a fan or “webhead”.  With the release of the new Spider-Man movie, I have decided to list my favorite Spider-Man graphic novels in no particular order.  These books are not only a great way to see why Spider-Man is my favorite but also a good way to be introduced to the world of the webslinger.  Now I will not give a full synopsis of each book, but I do suggest you go out and buy them when you can.

I’ll start off with the creation of one of Marvel’s best villains, Venom.  We saw this character in Spider-Man 3, but he was poorly used and a huge disappointment.  If you want to know the real story of Venom and see how he almost killed Spider-Man and helped birth another villian, read this now!

Peter Parker. A ladies man? Not really, but this tale of finding your first love is something that everyone can relate to.  The only thing is, not everyone is a superhero, and not all of our first loves end this tragically. I’ll admit, this book made me tear up a little bit.

Compared to The Dark Knight Returns, Spider-Man Reign shows what Peter Parker’s life would be like 30 years into the future.  Now working as a florist Peter is forced back into action, breaking a promise that he made to his dead wife….yep, you read that right, dead wife! The reasoning behind her death is pretty messed up.

Question: What would you do for love?  The conclusion to this storyline caused a big controversy in the Marvel Universe that had many people wanting the heads of J. Michael Straczynki and Joe Quesada.  With Aunt May dying in a hospital, Peter and Mary Jane make a decision that not only changes their lives, but also Spider-Man’s world.

Imagine losing two weeks of your life and someone else taking over your secret identity.  This is one of my favorite and possibly one of the best story lines in the Spider-Man universe.  This story ran through the pages of Amazing, Web of, and Spectacular Spider-Man and I made sure to buy each and every issue.

I know there are a lot of other great graphic novels out there to read and I know I missed a few, The Civil War storys being one, but let me know what you think and what books should have been included.

Also, if you have never seen the television show I mentioned in the beginning, here’s the intro, enjoy!

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