Wreck-It Ralph Quick Review

This past week I finally was able to see Wreck-It Ralph and I loved it.  In brief, the story is about a video game baddie who is tired of being the bad guy and wants to be liked by the characters in his game.  After an incident at an anniversary party, Ralph decides the only way to earn respect is to get a medal to show the other characters that he can be a good guy.  What follows is series of episodes that takes Ralph from the familiar settings of his own world to two new worlds that will test his determination to be a hero.

As a gamer, I loved all the nods to classic games and some of the more recent ones out there.  Three things in the movie that really got me excited were Burger Time, Beard Papa and Buckner & Garcia.  That is all I’m going to say about that and let’s see if you can spot these cameos when you go watch the movie again.

Wreck-It Ralph deals with some great issues that can be good talking points for your children when you’re driving home from the theater.  It deals with bullying, friendship. identity, self worth and being true to yourself.  Wreck-It Ralph was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go see it again and look for more Easter eggs in the background.  If you haven’t see it or already did and are going to see it again, make sure you stay after the credits for a pretty cool gaming reference.

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