Push it to the Limit!

I hope that title has gotten the song “Push it to the Limit” by  Paul Engemann in your head right about now.  If you don’t remember that song, think of the montage scene in Scarface with all the money laundering, the wedding and the tiger.  Ok, do you have the song in your head now? Good, let’s go!

Dads, we all know that playing with our kids, going to work and doing chores around the house can be a little exhausting.  As much as we suck it up and play that never-ending game of tag, we feel the exhaustion creep up on us.  I want to be able to come home from work and still have enough energy to play with my little girl, so I decided that in order to do this I need to start working out. (Hence, the theme song.)
If you are a regular reader to the blog, you will be familiar with my participating in the Warrior Dash for the past two years.  The first year was kind of rough, but the second year things went a little more smoothly.  So I started thinking that with a second child on the way I want to do more activities like that, but I need to get in better shape. I feel that this will help me in taking care of two kids and allow me to stay up past 9pm on weekdays. Yeah, I know. It’s kind of sad, but there are nights when I’m nodding off by 8pm. 

Now, I’m not one to make resolutions, but I said that this year I will do more than just the Warrior Dash, so I started looking around and found a couple of runs that I am going to do.  So on February 3, I’m doing the Chi-Town Big Game 5k/10k and on May 25th, the Soldier Field 10 Mile.  I also will be doing the Warrior Dash in June.  I think these would be great experiences to share with my family and hopefully inspire my little girl to be more active when she gets older. 

So, if there is anyone out there that would be interested in doing any of these, sign up and maybe we can create a team.  I would like to get a group together for the Warrior Dash and maybe make Fandad shirts for all of us to wear.  So leave a comment below if you signed up for any of these or are interested in doing one and let’s inspire our kids to be active.

Now to put that song on an endless loop and find the time to train.

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