The Fandads and The Rock…It Could Happen! We are Official #SuperMilkMan Entrants

Thanks to the Life of Dad site we were given a great opportunity to be featured in their “30 Dads, 30 Days” posts earlier this year. Now, again thanks to this site, we are an official entrant in the #SuperMilkMan contest where we can win a trip to hang out with The Rock.  Imagine that: Finally, the Fandads meet the Rock in Chi-caaaa-goooo!!!  Well, I don’t know if that’s where we’re going to meet, but either way, IT DOESN’T MATTER where we meet. Whatever does happen, the Fandads will go one on one with the great one. (Alright, enough catchphrases.)

So what do we have to do to meet The Rock?  We have to make a 10-15 second video on Instagram and post it here, Facebook, Twitter and just spread the word about #SuperMilkMan.  Pretty easy right? The question is can we match the ultimate #SuperMilkMan, The Rock? Remember his commercial during the Big Game? (Trying not to get in trouble by using the actual term)  Here’s a reminder:

I think our video can top this. We are just waiting for Zach Synder to finish the storyboards and then it’s showtime.  So keep an eye on the space below to witness the awesome that we are creating.  (Man, I’m hyping this up too much.)

Now, we’re not going to have all the fun of making a video and leave our readers out.  You can get in on this too.  Here’s how: This Thursday, August 15 Noon EST/11am CST, there will be a Twitter Party thrown by Life of Dad (@lifeofdadshow) and co-hosted by @tommyriles @ChrisRoutly @CuteMonsterDad and @DiaryDad. During this twitter party you will have the chance to win one of 5 “The Rock – Milk Prize Packs” (a $98 value).  So if you’re on Twitter, Follow us @fandads and @lifeofdadshow and use the hashtag #SuperMilkMan to take part in the party, maybe win a prize, learn more about milk and smell what the Fandads are cooking (sorry, I just had to add that one).  

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