The Fandads are coming for you Rock!! #Sponsored

After countless false starts and firing some of the best directors out there (too many slow motion shots Bay) the Fandads #SuperMilkMan video is finally up!

Recently Fandads teamed up with Milk to help promote The Rock’s new milk campaign.  This team up led to an amazing twitter party, some fun trash talk between the dadbloggers competing, but it also led to some fun videos about how we become #SuperMilkMan.  Out of the 25 entrants, one lucky dad blogger is going to win the chance to meet The Rock and maybe compete with him to see who can rescue the most cats from a tree.

Our video was fun to make and I’m glad I got to share this experience with my little girl (we’re looking at you big award given to movie stars)!  Enjoy the video below, share your thoughts with us and make sure to view the other videos on Instagram using the hashtag #SuperMilkMan.  Make sure you visit The Breakfast Project for tips, recipes and a chance to win some milk.  Yes, you heard that right. Let me repeat; a chance to win some milk!

Thanks for supporting us and hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet the Rock and enjoy a nice glass of milk, after we Rock Bottom a few aliens together.

As always, thanks for reading.

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