The Dads do Baby Loves Disco

Saturday October 19, the Fandads along with dads from the Chicago Meet Up group got together to dance the afternoon away with our kids at Lincoln Hall for the Baby Loves Disco party.  Never been to a Baby Loves Disco event. Well hopefully our recap will make you feel like you were there and you will join us at the next one in November.

The event was the 9th year that Baby Loves Disco has done a Halloween Disco/Ball and it looked like a big success.  There were many kids and parents dressed in costumes and the music was pumping through the sound system.  
Let me take a step back for a moment.  Imagine you are a little kid and you are going to a club that normally plays music or shows for adults.  You walk to the doorman and they give you a wristband and put a stamp on your hand.  Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing ever?  Wait, it gets better! As soon as you walk in you get a free tattoo put on your hand.  There is face-painting and crafts going on and a chance to get your photo taken with your parent.  I think most kids would be happy with that, but then you hear the thumping of the bass in the next room.  You walk through the doors and see the dance floor aglow with dancing lights and many families getting down to the music being played by the live DJ.  
This was the scene at Lincoln Hall on that Saturday afternoon and it was a great time.  The dads from the group got to hang out together with their families and children for a little while and it was great to enjoy the afternoon listening to some good music and watching our kids release their energy out on the dance floor.  When the kids got tired or hungry, there were heathy snacks and drinks waiting for them at the back of the dance floor and the bar was open for the parents to enjoy something stronger than a juice box.  
During the event, the MC was announcing contest for the party goers with some excellent prizes, one of which was a family pass to the next event.  All in all the event was spectacular and looked like all the families who were in attendance had a great time too.  

Special thanks to Matt Schneider from the NYC Dads Group for helping set this up. Kelly M. from Baby Loves Disco that was our contact person here in Chicago and to all the dads that showed up and chatted with me, for coming out to boogie the afternoon away with their kids: Richard O., Mike S., Al W., and Gil N.  
The next Baby Loves Disco event is November 23 and tickets are on sale right now.  Get yours when you can and make sure you bring your pajamas, because this one is a pajama party! 
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