It’s a New Year and the Fandads are New too…..Who are we kidding!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a great holiday season and that you are enjoying the new year with your family and loved ones.  We here at Fandads want to thank everyone for your support last year and want to say thank you for making last year a big year for us.  How big? You may be asking yourself….well, big enough for us.

The year ended pretty well with our third annual “10 Day of Fandads” contest that we do on our Facebook page and we had, I feel, some awesome prizes for our winners.  From books to Blu-Rays to toys and Xbox and Playstation Cards and finally a few LootCrate boxes went out to our friends.  We got really lucky this year with LootCrate giving our final prize winner a free 3 month subscription and we want to thank them very much for doing that this year.

Pictured above, December’s LootCrate.

This year started with a bang, with the Angry Birds Go! giveaway.  We got a good response for this giveaway and our relationship with Hasbro is still growing and who knows what new items we will review and giveaway next.

One lucky reader won themselves a copy of this game.

We are working on a post to recap the year, but we wanted to write up a quick post letting our friends know how much we appreciate you for your support and for spreading the word about the Fandads.  This year we are hoping for big things and we would like for all of you to be on this wild trip with us.

Remember we are always open to your suggestions and feedback, so let us know what you like or don’t like about the site and what you would like to see us cover this year.  We look forward to your suggestions.
Thank you for reading,

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