T-Shirt Thursday is Back!

It’s been a while since T-shirt Thursday has been up, so why not start the new year on a good foot with a new T-shirt to share with our friends.  If you know us, we love anything and everything that has Star Wars on it.  Now in this past December’s LootCrate we got this awesome shirt entitled “Console Wars 2”.  This shirt combines two of our other favorite things: Star Wars and video games, even though we don’t get to game as much as we used to.  Just imagine if the console wars were really like this. Would your Xbox One avatar beat the Miis or Sackboy? Only our imagination knows the answer to that.  This shirt is available through ShirtWoot! for $15.  Pick one up today before they are all gone.

On a side note, you could’ve gotten this shirt and whole bunch of other goodies for $2 less than the price of the shirt is you signed up for LootCrate. Isn’t it time you spoiled yourself a little bit?

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