Have You Gotten Your NerdBlock Yet?

NerdBlock is the new monthly geek box that I have been getting every month and although they are only coming up on their 5th box, these guys do not disappoint.  I have been happy with each box that I have gotten and I think you, our friends, will enjoy the goodness every month too.  Each NerdBlock is $19.99 and always comes with an incredible shirt.  Click the link to see the past NerdBlocks that have come in.
This is not a sponsored or paid post. This is just me sharing with you something that I like.  I hope you enjoy and maybe sign up.





I was notified about NerdBlock through ShirtPunch, because they are an offshoot of ShirtPunch, and because I was a frequent customer of them and their fantastic shirts.  I was invited through an email to sign up and I have been a member ever since.  Every NerdBlock is limited in number, so once they sell out, that’s it for that block.

I have been pretty happy about the items that have arrived, but the shirts are what keeps me hooked.  The Batman shirt and the Star Wars “Dark Side” shirt have been my favorite so far along with the Boba Fett Pop! Funko figure that just arrived.

There are a few “Geek” boxes out right now and probably more out there that I haven’t heard about yet, but I would say that NerdBlock is one that I will be looking forward to each month.

Thank for reading,

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