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Friends, with the way winter has been hitting Chicago, a lot of us are not feeling like ourselves lately.  Some of us are suffering from “cabin fever’ and others are just wishing for a little sun to cheer them up.  Well friends, Fandads is here with a little sunshine that will hopefully make us feel like ourselves again and satisfy that strange person that has occupied us this winter season. Fandads is going to give one lucky reader a $15 Fandango gift card and 5 Snickers bars to quell the winter doldrums.  Keep reading to see how you can win.

This post is sponsored by Snickers.

I know that this weather has not had me feeling like myself lately and if you have seen any of the Snickers commercials, you see that people become themselves again after eating a Snickers bar.  One person featured in a new commercial is our old friend Godzilla.  As you can see in the commercial below, he’s all good and having fun with his crew, but once he gets hungry it’s a different story.,

With the release of the new Godzilla later this May, this is a great tie in and got us here at Fandads thinking: “Who would we like to see Godzilla fight on the big screen again?”

If you have seen the trailer to new Godzilla movie, than you’re probably like me and can not wait to go see it.  Well, how would you like to win a gift card that can cover a ticket to see this Godzilla and have some snacks already with you when you go see this guy cause major havoc?  Enter below with the rafflecopter and maybe you will win our prize pack. 

So there it is friends, if you would like to win a Fandango gift card and some delicious Snickers Bars answer our question in the rafflecopter and we will randomly choose a winner on March 19.Don’t forget to tweet and share this giveaway with your friends.

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