T-Shirt Thursday!

There is always a shirt for first place.  The winner is always lauded on shirts, cereal boxes and loved by everyone.

What about for the runner-up? Are there any shirts for them?  Well, when you go against Han Solo in the Cantina Quick Draw we all know who shoots fastest.  Sadly, this runner up will not be able to wear his shirt in public…maybe at his memorial.

Today’s T-Shirt comes from our superb friends at We Love Fine.  The great thing about their shirts are that they are “designed for fans by fans”.

Not only does We Love Fine have great Star Wars shirts, but they have awesome products from Adventure Time, The Last of Us and Tokidoki.

Visit them today and buy a shirt or two, but you better hurry becuase you don’t want to be the runner-up.

Thanks for reading.

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