Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 17 minute preview

On July 7th, this Fandad was lucky enough to get into the IMAX 3D First Look at Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and witness 17 minutes of James Gunn’s space drama that will transport fans of the Marvel universe to…well, another universe.

What did I think of this footage? Was a talking raccoon on the screen believable? Was I disappointed that I only saw 17 minutes of footage? Keep reading and I’ll tell you my thoughts.

Let’s just say that I was very entertained by what I saw on the screen and can not wait to see more on August 1.  Seeing the footage in 3D on the IMAX screen was incredible and my eyes kept wondering around the screen.  I wanted to see everything that the movie had to offer and also I was sitting a little close to the screen.

The preview started off with the processing scene that we originally saw in the first trailer, but this time Star-Lord’s finger is not blurred when John C. Reilly’s character Rohmann Dey is describing him.

As we see the character’s walking into the prison, we get a bit of information about them through their dialogue.  This scene must take place near the end of the first act or beginning of the second, because it looks like they already had a run in or two with each other.

It seems that the group’s arrest has something to do with the orb (the one we see Star-Lord trying to steal in the first trailer) and he describes it as the “raider’s ark of the covenant, maltase falcon type thing”.

In the dialogue alone we can already grasp the type of humor that this movie is aiming for and if you’ve seen any of James Gunn’s movies, you know the humor is off beat and strange at times.  The humor works with this movie, because it might give Guardians that little push to make it more approachable to those that do not know these characters that well.

Another sense of James Gunn’s quirkiness is his use of music.  As Star-Lord is trying to get his walkman back from one of the prison guards, they start beating the crap out of him.  While this is happening Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling” is playing in the background.

I don’t want to give too much away, but what happens next is the Rocket forms a plan to get the crew out of the prison and before he finishes with his plan all hell starts breaking loose.

It is pretty clear that Rocket is going to steal the scenes that he is in, because the character is such a bad ass and is pretty hilarious to boot.  Although, Groot only says three words “I am Groot” I think he will become a memorable character too.

In the prison escape we see Gamora kicking butt, Drax helping out and causing some damage, Rocket putting his plan into action, Groot using his limbs to protect himself and Star-Lord using negotiating skills to get a prosthetic leg, yeah you read that right and the use of said leg is hilarious.

The preview pretty much ended a few minutes after that then we got a sizzle reel, which later was released as the newest trailer.  There are a few minor differences between the trailer and what was shown at the end of the preview, but it is nothing major.

As we left the theater, everyone in attendance was given a limited edition poster that is pictured at the beginning of this post. I left the preview feeling pretty satisfied and excited to see the rest of the movie when it is released next month.

Guardians might be a surprise hit and I can’t wait to see what bumps they add to the end of the movie to connect this with the Marvel Universe or just to see what surprises they throw at us.

Were you at one of these previews on July 7th? If yes, tell us what you thought in the comments below.

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