It’s cold season are you prepared? #Sponsored #PediaCare #giveaways

Is your cold making it hard to sleep?

It’s that time of year again where the weather starts playing with you especially here in Chicago. One day you are walking the dog in just a sweater and the next day you are all bundled up wearing a heavy coat with gloves and a scarf.

With this change in weather also comes cold and flu season and if you have a little one at home you already know that they will eventually get a cold.  The ironic thing about this post is that while I was writing it a cold struck this Fandad’s homebase.  Fortunately it helps to have a nurse in the house, but it also helped that we have the medicine we needed to take care of our colds.

Everyday when I pick up my little girl at school I hear the sneezing and coughing of her classmates and know that sooner or later that cold will come home with her.  So as a parent I know it is always good to make sure to have hand sanitizer on hand and plenty of tissues.  
According to Pediatrics in Review, colds are more common in children under six years of age and will routinely experience 6-8 colds a year (Vol. 32 No. 2 February 1, 2011 pp 47-55 doi: 10.1542/pir.32-3-47).  
So what can we do as a parent?  We have to make sure that when our children get a cold to make them comfortable and provide them with the proper medicine and this is where PediaCare comes in.
PediaCare is celebrating its 30th anniversary of developing effective and great tasting medicine for infants and children.  Their sole focus is to create products that make it easier for kids to get better and they just created a new chewable tablet, PediaCare Smooth Melts, that has a great cherry taste that my little girl actually enjoyed taking.  
Every parent knows that whenever we try to give our kids medicine they always complain about the taste of it.  Did you know that we all start life with lots of taste buds, but lose up to half of them over time?  This is one of the reasons the children experience flavors very differently from adults and tend to veer towards the sweeter side.

Smooth Melts would make a great addition to your medicine cabinet if you have children who are concerned about taste and want something that’s easy to give and store away for later use.  Right now Smooth Melts can be purchased through Rite Aid and Amazon, but if you live in the Chicagoland area certain Mariano’s Fresh Markets and Meijers have them on hand.

Remember this cold season could be a good one or bad one depending on how well prepared we are to take care of our little ones. So, let’s try to make this a good and healthy season for them.

In trying to help our readers have a good cold season, Fandads is teaming up with PediaCare to give away three prize packs that consists of 4 bottles of Smooth Melts and Dr. David Hill’s book “Dad to Dad”.  Here’s how you can win one of these prizes. Simply comment below how you get your children to take medicine that they do not like the taste of and three winners will be chosen by next Tuesday.

Thanks again for reading and good luck.

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