This Fandad tries to get #ThatLookYouWant with Just For Men and Smiley360

Different shades of Just For Men

Last year I signed up with Smiley360 which is” an online community of influential consumers who try products and experiences for free and share their opinions with others”.  When I was contacted by them to try out a product I was pretty excited about what it could be, but when I found out it was for “Just For Men” hair coloring solutions, I thought to myself “Do my grays really show in my profile picture?” and “Will this product make me look younger?”

After much deliberation, a few minutes to be exact, I decided that I was up for this challenge and wanted to share my experience with my friends.

(Disclaimer: I received these products for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review.  You can join Smiley360 at

When I found out that I was being sent a box of samples, I put out the call on the Fandads Facebook page for volunteers.  I figured that it would be great to have other guys try “Just For Men” with me.  We could all get together and have like a big hair coloring party, but that idea fell apart quickly when the number of volunteers started dwindling until there was only one, me.

I wanted to ask more people to help me out with the samples, but then decided against it.  I thought that when I am walking down the street with my shiny new hair color they will either regret not joining me on this “getting rid of our grays” adventure or they will just laugh at me.

Before we begin, Just For Men has a good amount of products to help men get rid of their grays or just touch up with keeping a few grays.  The products in their line up are: Just For Men Autostop, Mustache and Beard, Original Formula, Touch Of Gray and Touch Of Gray: Mustache and Beard.

Just For Men Autostop is their latest product and the one that I will be sampling on my hair.  Now while I admit that I do not have that many gray hairs in my head, you kind of get them quickly when you have two kids (5 and 1 1/2 year old) that get into everything.

Gray hairs courtesy of my two kids.

Being a newly Stay-at-Home dad, I love the time that we get to spend together, but there are days when I’m being pulled in multiple directions that get a little but stressful.  As with any stressful job (a job that I love by the way) you tend to get gray hairs pretty fast. Don’t believe me? Compare pictures of the U.S. presidents on their Inauguration Day and their last day in office.

This will be gray in a matter of years!

According to Just For Men AutoStop, this process should be pretty easy to do, so let’s see what happens.

Look what I have here; Just For Men Autostop.
This little box is going to save the day.
Holy Cow! There is a lot to read here!

Oh, Ok! It’s written in multiple languages.

Here goes nothing. Step 1: Apply

Waiting. Step 2: Wait 10 minutes.
Ahh, it burns and why is my hair red?* Step 3: Rinse

The cool thing about the AutoStop formula is that it will not over color your hair.  It is formulated to stop itself and give you the color you want.  Mine felt a little cool when applied, but then again it was sitting on the windowsill while I was taking the pictures.

*It does not burn and will not turn your hair red (that was added by the good folks at ILM)…unless you are using a red color then it will turn your hair red.

Step 4: Style and you are done.
There. That’s more like it!
There, pretty easy right?  Just For Men Autostop is quick and easy to use. There was no strong odor that made me want to open all the windows in the house and it didn’t leave a messy ring around the tub when I rinsed it off.  The instructions state to “repeat in 4-6 weeks” and I might just do that, although my little girl said that she “likes my grays” so I might just let them grow back.
Quick Tip:  The package comes with some plastic gloves that are shoved inside a little ziplock bag.  I put the applicator brush in this bag to store it for my next use.  After I rinsed it off, it fit perfectly in there.
Storage bag for the brush.

Are you thinking to yourself, “I would like to get rid or maybe hide my grays, too”?  If your answer is yes click here for a $2 off coupon to get #ThatLookYouWant.  Fill out the quick form and then check your email (check your spam too, in case you do not see it right away.)

It you noticed from the picture above we have some extra boxes laying around at the Fandads’ Homebase.  Would you like one? Visit the Just For Men website and check out the different shades available for their Autostop formula and leave us a comment telling us which shade you would like.  That’s it, easy as 1, 2, and 3. Samples will be given out on a first come first serve basis.

Thanks for reading.

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