The Fandads Father’s Day Guide

It’s that time of year again when Dads are celebrated and you start thinking about what you can get for the man that takes care of your boo-boos and fights off the monsters hiding under your bed.  
If you are not sure what to get the geeky dad in your life, have no fear because the Fandads are here to give you a short list of some cool things to get your super dad.  

For the Fashion Forward Dad

You always see it in television show where the kids get their dad a tie and he looks at it and smiles.  Well, how about when you give your dad a tie this year he looks at it and screams “A Star Wars tie! Awesome!”  
That’s right our friends at not only have Star Wars ties, but they also have bow ties, cufflinks, tie bars and money clips. If your dad is not into Star Wars, they have many different designs to choose from: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Marvel and DC superheroes. 
We featured on our first annual Father’s Day gift guide and highlighted their flash drive cufflinks. I am hoping to get a pair of those this year along with a new star wars bow tie for me and my son. has been cool enough to supply our friends with a code for 10% off all orders from now until June 21.  So dads, click the image below and start dropping hints as to what awesome ties you want for Father’s Day.
Shop Father's Day Gifts
For the Collector Dad

Every now and then I still buy some action figures. Nowadays I get some that my daughter and I can play with together, but there are still those that I buy for myself.  One line that is ahead of the action figure market right now is Hot Toys and their figures are amazing.  
The line-up they have is so robust so here are a few suggestions.
Robocop ($299 or $100 a month with payment plan)

Who doesn’t love Robocop?  I have great memories of watching this movie and mimicking his movements at home.  This figure is made of Diecast materials to have a more realistic look and says six memorable phrases from the movie.  
T-800 Battle Damaged Terminator ($299 or $115 a month with payment plan)

With the new Terminator movie coming out later this year, give your dad the original Terminator.  Yeah, he’s a little beaten up, but once you see that glowing red eye you will know that he still means business. 
Captain America ($224 or $101.25 a month with a payment plan)
Along with Spider-Man, Captain America is one of my favorite characters and this figure looks so real that it’s scary.  This version of Cap is from the Age of Ultron line and there are a lot of great figures in this line: Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man and the Vision and each one looks more incredible than the next. 
For the Foodie Dad

Earlier this month I was lucky to try out the food at Rural Society thanks to the fabulous Chicagonista ladies and it was amazing.  The restaurant is located inside the Loews Chicago Hotel and it would make a great place to take your dad for dinner.

The Argentine steakhouse is the brainchild of Iron Chef Jose Garces and the use of a parrilla to cook the steaks gives it a flavor that you have to experience.

The Parrilla

A sample of the food

Visit Rural Society today to take a peek at the delicious meals that are offered, book yourself a table and be ready to go on a mouth watering experience.

For the Subscription Box Dad

We have always been a fan of the monthly boxes that are offered by so many different companies.  Whether it is LootCrate, NerdBlock or Love with Food, these boxes are a treat whenever they arrive at your door step. (These boxes vary from $19.99 and up)
Nerd Block
One of the latest boxes out is the Marvel Collector Corps.  This box brings home a Funko and Marvel goodies and would be the great gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. 

For the Techie Dad

I still have not made the jump to the next-gen systems, but the one system that I think would be great to get your dad is the Playstation 4. ($399-$449 at Best Buy)

With Star Wars Battlefront, a new God of War and new Uncharted game coming out this will be the system to get this year. If your dad already has this system, maybe one of the games mentioned above would be a great gift. 
Thanks for reading guys and hopefully you will find this list useful and find some interesting things for your dad this Father’s Day.

(Disclaimer: Some of the items on this guide are affiliates with Fandads, so clicking the link and buying something will put some change in our pockets.  Everything that is on our guide is products that we use, like and or have and our opinions are our own.  If any of these companies would love to send us some of these items for Father’s Day, we would greatly appreciate that too.) 

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