Using the Force to brush our teeth! FireFly Toothbrushes Review & Giveaway. #Sponsored

Ask a kid to go outside to play, they are out of the house before you finish the sentence. Ask a kid if they want dessert, they will scream yes, because as the saying goes “I scream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream”. Now ask a kid to brush their teeth and they will be screaming alright, but not in the way you want them to. 
If the situation of brushing their teeth sounds familiar to you, well never fear because Firefly, the leader in children’s oral care solutions, might just have what you need to change that…and if you already saw the picture at the top, it’s Star Wars toothbrushes.

Ok, before you start thinking to yourself, “Star Wars toothbrushes? What do they do that’s different?” give me a quick minute to tell you the story of my daughter and her nightly routine.
My little girl was a little hard headed at first when it came time to go to bed. She didn’t want to go to sleep right away and wanted to stay awake a little longer with me. I would give her five to ten extra minutes (I know, call me an enabler) and then we would walk to the bathroom so she can do her nighttime routine.  
Now using the potty and washing up was no big thing, but brushing her teeth sometimes was…well it was like pulling teeth.  She would claim that her arms were tired or the toothpaste burned, so we had to find a way for her to brush her teeth every night.
We found a brand of toothbrushes that when used with an online app timed her on her brushing. The toothbrush on the screen would slowing reveal a hidden picture. When the timer ran out, there was a new picture waiting for her that would go into her virtual photo album.  This made brushing fun and she enjoyed it, but after hearing the same song over and over and having her saved pictures deleted due to a glitch, she became weary of using that app again.


This household is a Star Wars household. You can come in here with your trekkie beliefs and I’ll accept it. I won’t make fun of you, but just looking around our house you can see that Star Wars is a huge part of our lives. So when FireFly contacted us about trying out their new Star Wars toothbrushes, we answered “Do or do not, there is no try” which basically meant YES! Did I mention that these toothbrushes light up and talk? Read that sentence again to let it sink in.

There are two versions of the toothbrushes right now: Obi Wan Kenobi in blue and Darth Vader in red.  They have actual dialogue from the movies and make that awesome lightsaber startup noise when you turn them on. I know Obi Wan fights for good and will destroy any cavities, but will Vader make the cavities stronger? I mean he is the bad guy and all….or is there still good in him?
The first time my little girl ignited her toothbrush and heard the “Whoosh” of the lightsaber, she looked at me and smiled.  Her little brother started laughing too, thinking it was the coolest thing he ever saw.  She now enjoys her nighttime routine and I enjoy hearing Obi Wan tell her “This weapon is your life” every time she starts to brush her teeth.  
Once again the Jedi have saved the day.  With a little help from the Force and some toothpaste, my little girl will have the whitest teeth in the galaxy.  I mean, white teeth are important when you are taking a lot of pictures with your friends and family at LegoLand California.
That’s right if you go to the Firefly Facebook page you can enter their #BrushBattle sweepstakes and win a trip to LegoLand. So what are you waiting for, go sign up before the contest ends on June 30th we will wait right here until you come back.
Ok, you’re back? Cool. If you liked what you saw above with the FireFly Star Wars Lightsaber Light Up toothbrushes and you would like your own set to battle the forces of evil enter our giveaway in the rafflecopter below.
May the Force be with you….and your teeth.
(Disclaimer: The Fandads were provided with a pair of FireFly toothbrushes to review and give away to one of our lucky readers.  All opinions are our own and no Bothans were harmed in bringing you this information. )
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