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When I lived at home with my parents I used to run a lot on their treadmill. It was my daily routine; three miles a day. My exercise routine soon diminished due to school and work and it was just regulated to walking my dog at night. I started missing that feeling. That feeling of being tired after a work out, but yet still feeling good, so I decided to change that. 

I bet you are thinking that I started working out everyday and started eating better, etc, etc.  Well, I’ll tell you that that did not happen. I started working a lot, I got married, I moved and a few years later my little girl was born. I really started thinking about getting in shape again a few months after my daughter was born. 

Being home all day with a child was tiring and I wanted to be in better shape for my little girl so I made myself do something I never did before, I signed up for the Warrior Dash. Let me tell you right now that it was not pretty. My workout routine consisted of chasing my little girl around the house and using a fitness video game to prepare me for the event. I survived, but barely. My workout routine was not the best and my eating was definitely not as good as it should have been. 

I survived!

Fast forward to my first 10-mile run. By this time I was better prepared and I accomplished a huge goal for myself by not stopping throughout the entire run.  My downfall came after the run when I was so hungry that I stopped by my local fast food place and ate two hamburgers with a large fry and soda.  Whatever calories I burned off during those 10 miles, I quickly gained back within a few minutes. 

I just ran 10 miles for this. Feels good!

Let’s talk about the present. I have a Spartan Run that I am doing in a few weeks and while I am getting a few good workouts and runs this time, I’m making sure to curb my appetite with an EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control shake. I want to make sure that I am ready for this run and I do not want to eat anything that will slow me down. These shakes do just the trick to manage my hunger and it also helps to nourish my muscles after a hard workout. 

Look how happy I was last year!

Usually after these mud runs you are given a banana and water, but there are also companies there to promote their energy shakes and I have tried a few of these different ones before. Most of the ones I’ve tried were decent, but I like that I did not feel as hungry after drinking the EAS shakes. 

Since my race is coming up soon, I stopped by my nearest Walmart and stocked up on some EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control Ready to Drink shakes. I think that I bought enough to last me until the day of the race or at least I hope they last that long. I will make sure to pack a few with me on the day of my race so I can drink them afterwards and feel replenished. 

Here’s a little hack that you can do with your shakes. I tend to put a shake in the freezer when I head out for my runs.  By the time I return, the shakes are nice, cold and almost smoothie like. 

Next time you workout try out the freezer trick and tell us what you think or share with us how you use EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control Ready to Drink Shakes in your workout routine in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading. 

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