Swinging away with Spider-man at the Marvel Universe Live show.

Anyone that knows me by now knows that I am a huge Spider-Man fan.  If I could be any superhero that is who I would want to be.  My love for the web-head goes back to my grammar school days and there was just something about him that I related to…minus the being bitten by a spider thing, but I saw myself in him.  

Whenever I see Spider-Man at conventions I try to take a picture with him, because why not? I mean to me he is awesome and there is nothing like seeing your favorite super hero live.  This is one of the reasons that I am super excited for the Marvel Universe Live show that is coming to Chicago on September 10-13th and also to Rosemont on September 18-20.


Now while many might not have the same feeling for Spider-Man like I do, think about how you would feel seeing you favorite superhero in action right in front of your eyes.  I think it would be incredible to see Thor throw his hammer at some villains trying to take over Asgard.  Also, imagine seeing Bruce Banner “Hulk” out right in front of your eyes. I know our children would be in disbelief seeing these things, but I also know the kid inside of us will be losing their minds too. 
As much as I like going to the live skating shows with my daughter, I know that she will enjoy this show, because it has some of her favorite superheroes in it.  She is excited to see Black Widow in action along with Captain America and Spider-Man.  Sometimes I don’t know if she really likes him or just likes him because she knows he’s her daddy’s favorite.  
Not only am I excited to see my favorite superheroes in action, I am excited to see what my son’s reaction is going to be to this show.  He has gone to a few live shows before, but I think this one will keep him entertained and waiting with anticipation as to what will happen next.
I know that while I am watching the show, I will be paying close attention to Spider-Man and wishing  that I could be in his place for a few hours. Hey, no one said that once you had kids you can’t daydream about being a superhero.  I know that I am my kids superhero, but it would be cool to actually be a superhero like Spider-man.  A dad can dream, right? 
Are you excited about seeing the Marvel Universe Live show? Tickets are still available and you can purchase yours here
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