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(Disclaimer: The Fandads were provided with seats for a performance of the Blue Man Group show. As much as the Blue Men tried to hypnotize us, all words and opinions are our own.)

Every time I would see commercials for The Blue Man Group, I would say to myself “I want to see that show,” but I never went out and bought tickets.  The thought would cross my mind every now and then. Once in awhile they would make an appearance on a television show and the thought again would pop in my head, but I still did not go.
I don’t know why that was. Maybe there was something about their look that scared me and made me not want to see them in person. Maybe I was just overreacting and had nothing to be afraid of. I have had friends that have seen the show and told me to go that I would have a lot of fun.  Maybe they were brainwashed and were now recruiting for the Blue Man Group. I knew that one day I would have to conquer my fear and that day happened last week.

Photo courtesy of Blue Man Group
I told my daughter that we were going to go see the Blue Man Group and I just got a blank stare in return. I know that she has seen them on some television shows and she thought they were cool, but when I told her that we were going to see them live, she showed no emotion.  
I decided to show her a video online about the group and she said she did not want to see them because they looked spooky.  See, I am not the only one to think that they look strange. I told my daughter, while hiding my own fears, that it would be a fun show. It would be cool to see this show in person and who knows, we might like it a lot. 
Ok, I was scared to see them in person and my daughter was scared, too, maybe we can both conquer our fears and watch the show together. I think we can do this, I mean, they are just actors in costume, right?
Seeing the smiling faces as we entered the building and got our tickets kind of settled my fears. We took our seats and while waiting for the show I took in the surroundings and relaxed. By this time, my daughter was so excited to see the show and kept asking me when it was going to start. As the minutes ticked down to showtime I was beginning to feel the excitement building in me, too.
Now, I could list out a play-by-play of the show and tell you about everything the Blue Man Group did, but I do not think my words will do it justice.  The show was a lot fun. We had a blast seeing some of the tricks that they did on stage. We learned some new dance moves and my daughter was laughing so hard at the end when all the streamers and over-sized balls were flying around the crowd during the finale.
This is definitely a show to experience at least once or twice in your lifetime. The visuals, the music and the crowd participation make it just a fantastic voyage to go on.  
We were lucky enough that after the performance we were able to talk to members from the cast and band from the show.  We learned about the quick and grueling audition procedures and if their love for twinkles has dwindled because of the show. The guys were great in answering our questions and you can see the love they have for the show in their responses. 
The entire time we talked to the guys we could see the stage crew cleaning up and getting the stage ready for the next performance.  I was hypnotized by how fast and effortlessly they cleaned up.  There are days when the Blue Man Group has three performances in a day and they clean up between each show. This team hustles to get ready and it was cool to see this part of the show that most people probably never get to see. 

Again, this is an amazing show and as we walked out and got into our car my daughter asked when we can see it again. It’s funny because event though I had nerves at the beginning, I walked out with the same thought in my head. 

The Blue Man Group is playing at the Briar Street Theater and tickets are available through

One great thing to point out is on Sunday October 4th, the Blue Man Group has teamed up with Autism Speaks to perform a lightly modified show to accommodate people with Autism.  

As guests enter the theater, Blue Man Group will create a calming environment for them to enjoy, complete with bean bags, dim lighting and quiet corners for anyone seeking a sensory break from the excitement of the show. Sound levels during the performance will be reduced at select moments and noise isolating headphones will be available for individuals upon request.”

For every ticket that is sold $5 of it will go to Autism Speaks. This is a great cause and a great way to support this amazing group. For more information and tickets, visit

Thanks for reading. 

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