Having fun with The Good Dinosaur.

The trailer to The Good Dinosaur has me really intrigued and my little girl is already asking if we are going to see this when it comes out.  I love movies about strange friendships and I can not wait to see this one. I just hope it is not a tear-jerker.

Are your kids excited about seeing The Good Dinosaur? If yes, we have some cool printables to keep them occupied until the movie is released on November 25.

Find more coloring sheets to print and download here
Looking for a fun game to test your memory? Try this one out. 
Making this Hexaflexagon is great to show kids how shapes can be fun. It might be a little tricky to make, but it is worth it. 

If you have not seen the trailer for The Good Dinosaur check it out below.

Are you excited to see this? Let us know which printables your family enjoyed the most.

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