Getting a job with The Intern

Getting a new job in today’s market for me might be a little different than when I was younger. I remember when I went back to Gamestop for the holidays this past year and a lot of the other employees were younger than me. It was great working with them, but sometimes the jokes I would say would go over their heads because they did not get the reference.

I bet this is the same thing that Robert De Niro’s character has to go through in his latest movie The Intern. While the gap between myself and my co-workers were 15-20 years, the gap between his new co-workers might be double that, but that shouldn’t stop us from working and teaching these younger kids a thing or two.

I grew up in an age when you had to work hard for what you wanted. Nothing was handed to you.  A lot of the jobs I had in my youth were customer service or labor related, so I learned a lot about how to talk to people in a respectful way and in doing that respect was returned.  To this day whenever I go shopping anywhere I am always respectful to the staff, because I have been in their shoes.

With all this talk about entitled kids and the loss of real social interaction I sometimes wonder how future employees will handle an unruly customer or have the ability to think on their feet when something unexpected comes about.  Who knows…maybe they’ll handle it perfectly or maybe not.

I have said it before, but I am trying to instill in my children the values that I was raised with and I hope that they will be strong and independent young adults when they start their first job. I am trying to show them to work for what they want and nothing is going to come easy for them. Only time will tell if I am doing a good job or not.

So how will Robert De Niro fair in his new job? Will he show the younger generation a thing or two while learning from them also?  The answers to these questions might be revealed to you at a showing of The Intern. Check out the movie at your local theater and see if you can relate to Mr. De Niro or his co-workers.

Ok, you might not have an internship at a new job, but you work everyday and want something new to perk up your day. How about having an Intern prize pack to make your mornings a little brighter.
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Good luck to all and thank you for reading.

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