STAR WARS:THE FORCE AWAKENS breaks some records!

If you have not heard by now a little movie called STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS has been breaking box-office records since it was officially released on December 18th, 2015.  This movie that has taken many of us back to our childhood is continuing to bring audiences back for multiple viewings.

I have only seen the movie a couple of times, but I am already planning to see it again soon.  I have a tradition to keep and I have yet to see it in IMAX.  I have a few friends that have told me that the IMAX version is the version to see, so I think that will be my next screening.

So, how many records has SWTFA broken so far? I mean the title of this post claims they have broken some records and I haven’t mentioned one yet.  Check out the official word from Disney below and see which ones you have contributed to:

Through Jan. 5, the film had grossed $758.2M domestically and $799.1M for a global total of $1,557.3M since its Dec. 16 global debut.

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS debuted in the US and Canada on Dec. 18, its first two weeks pushing the domestic annual industry box office to an all-time high of $11B. It has set numerous individual records including:
·        Fastest film to reach $100M (21 hours), $200M (3 days), $300M (5 days), $400M (8 days), $500M (10 days), $600M (12 days), and $700M (16 days)
·        Biggest all-time debut and biggest December debut ($247.966M), propelling the industry to the biggest overall moviegoing weekend of all time ($313.3M for all films, Dec. 18-20)
·        Biggest second weekend of all time ($149.2M), propelling the industry to the biggest overall Christmas weekend of all time ($296.4M for all films, Dec. 25-27)
·        Biggest third weekend of all time ($90.2M)
·        Biggest Thursday preview gross ($57M)
·        Biggest Friday, opening, and single day ($119.1M)
·        Biggest Sunday ($60.55M), Monday ($40.1M), and Tuesday ($37.3M)
·        Biggest Christmas Day ($49.3M) and New Year’s Day ($34.39M)
·        Highest per-theater average for a wide debut ($59,982)
·        Biggest opening week ($390.85M)
·        Biggest IMAX debut ($30.1M)
Globally, the film posted the highest global opening weekend of all time ($528.967M) and surpassed $1B in a record 12 days. It also had the biggest global IMAX debut ($48M) and surpassed $152M in IMAX in a record 19 days. It was the highest international debut in December history with $281M, and it remains #1 in many territories after posting the biggest opening weekend in at least 18 major markets.
Named one of AFI’s top 10 films of 2015, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS now heads into its fourth weekend of global release ahead of a debut in its final international market, China, on Jan. 9.

That is incredible to say the least and it just beat out AVATAR’s records in 20 days.  With the next batch of STAR WARS movies coming out in the coming years, I think that the STAR WARS franchise will take over all the top spots of highest-grossing movies of all time, but that’s just my opinion.

Until next time my friends, maybe I’ll see you at the theater.

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