Spend President’s Day with the cast of Zootopia

If you live in the midwest like me, you know that snowy days are perfect days to build a snowman, have a snowball fight with your kids and go sledding. If you hate going outside in the cold, then we have some indoor activities that you can share with your children thanks to our friends at Disney and the animals from Zootopia.

With ZOOTOPIA heading to the theaters in a few weeks, it a great time to get to know the characters and enjoy some fun activities with them while we wait for the movies release.

If your children love coloring, we have some fun character coloring sheets. Download the coloring sheets here.

If your children love hands-on activities and matching games we have a few of those too. Just download the extra activities here and here.

Ok, so your children have colored all the sheets and done the activities, now what is there for them to do? You can all gather around the computer and watch a few scenes from the movie ZOOTOPIA.

We hope you and your family enjoy these activities and clips. Remember to go out and see ZOOTOPIA when it is released in theaters on March 4th. You can buy tickets here or at the banner below. 
Make sure to follow ZOOTOPIA on Facebook, Twitter and their official site for all the latest updates. 
Thanks for reading.

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