Running in my Khakis…Yeah, it Happened! “Look at Me Trying to be Sporty #101”

Last month I wrote a post for Lee Jeans about their new X-Treme Khakis. In that post I wrote about how comfortable these khakis were and that “I am seriously thinking about doing my next run while wearing them.” Well, my next run was the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle and here’s my story of how I ran it in my khakis. 

It was all kind of a lark. I mean these pants were really comfortable and I just put it out there, but then I started thinking, “Why not?” I mean, I was already signed up for my next run so why not just go that extra step and wear the pants. 
Now, I’ll admit that I have not fully prepared for this run like I should have (that’s becoming a reoccurring theme in my running), but I knew that I would be able to run this one with little to no training. I’m pretty used to running 5K’s, so an 8K should not be that difficult. It’s just a few more miles, right? 
The day before the run I was getting a bit nervous. I started thinking, “What if the pants slow me down?” and “What belt am I going to use to hold them up?” I knew that in order to prevent chafing I was going to wear my running pants underneath and I had to wear my running bandana. I also started thinking to myself, this could be awesome or this could be awesomely disastrous. 
When I got to the race I started looking around and noticed everyone is in their running pants and running shorts and here I was the guy in the khakis. I wondered how many people thought I was going to take off my pants once the run started. I also wondered how many people thought I was a fool for running in khakis.  It was a chilly morning that day, so the khakis kept my legs a little warm, but I should have doubled up on my shirts, because my arms were a little cold. 
Someone looks unhappy about not wearing my khakis.

As my running time approached, a few people asked my about my running attire and I told them how comfortable the pants were and I thought it would be fun to run in them. Some of the people thought it was a cool idea and wished me luck on the run, others thought I was silly or not serious about running.  As I crossed the starting line, I said to myself “There is no turning back, you have got to finish now!”

I ran the run at a slow pace to not overexert myself.  Ever since I cramped up at the Spartan Race, I still get nervous about it happening again during my runs. My calves started feeling a little tight half way through the run, but I just focused on my pace and soon enough I was back to normal.

Throughout the race, I never felt held down because of the pants. It actually felt like I was wearing jogging pants over my running pants.  I mean, the elastic waistband helped hold them in place while I ran, but I also had a simple belt on as a safety measure.  It was pretty fun running in them and I’ll recommend everyone that owns a pair and has a short run coming up to try it…at least once.

When I crossed that finish line, not only did I feel good, but I looked good dressed in my khakis.  It was a fun accomplishment to cross off some make-believe list that I have about things I want to do before I get older.  Maybe I’ll wear them again when I do another run in cool weather. While I do have a few runs already lined up, I don’t think I will wear them for those.

Next up for me is the Solder Field 10 Mile run in May and after that I am taking the plunge and running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October.  For that race I am running as a St. Jude Hero and collecting money for this great organization.  If you would like to help me reach my goal, click here to donate.  Any amount will be appreciated and I am still thinking of some incentive for people that donate over a certain amount. Last year I wrote the names of my donors on my body when I ran the Warrior Dash. Let’s see what I come up with this year.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the finish line.

(Disclaimer: The Fandads were not paid for this post to talk about Lee X-Treme Khakis. I just thought it would be a fun idea to try and run in them. No khakis were harmed in the writing of this post. All thoughts, opinions and sore legs are my own.)

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