What’s coming soon from Hasbro?

The San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone and in it’s wake it has left us with a barrage of images of toys that will be out later this year. Man, my wallet is already starting to hate me. Some of the toys we have highlighted below are from the Star Wars line and the Marvel Legends series. Which figures will you pick up when they are released? 

Grand Admiral Thrawn was introduced in the Heir to the Empire series by Timothy Zahn and will make a return later this year on Star Wars Rebels. I can not wait to see how his role is bought into the show.

Star Wars has been know to have some pretty fantastic looking helmets in the series and these new collectable helmets are at the top of my list to get. Boba Fett and Sabine are two of my favorite characters and having their helmets in my collection will be pretty awesome.

Who does not love lightsabers? This saber is based on Luke Skywalkers from Return of the Jedi and looks to be a great piece for any collection. 


What can we say about Lady DeadPool that she would probably not say herself? I love the look of this figure and the fact that she comes with a DeadPool Squirrel is pretty cool. Watch your nuts!

Dazzler looks all kinds of awesome. From her feathered hair, microphone and roller skates, Dazzler is ready to get down. I know a few friends that are already excited about this figure and I for one am glad that she is being made and will be in stores soon. 

Moon Knight, in my opinion, has always been an underrated character and this figure looks pretty bad ass! I will most definitely be getting this figure and maybe buy two of them to keep one pristine for a few weeks until my son gets a hold of him. 

These are only a few of the great figures that are coming out this year and we will showcase more of them later for you. I am really excited about the Star Wars helmets and will hopefully have a full review on them when they are released. 
So tell us, which figures are you excited about and why that figures stands out to you? 
Until next time, thanks for reading. 

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