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(Disclaimer: The Fandads were compensated with product and payment for our review of BulletProof Coffee. All words and opinions are our own.)

It’s kind of ironic that in this month, the month of December, when children everywhere are eagerly anticipating Santa Claus to arrive with presents for them, I was the one that was eagerly awaiting a package from our friends at Bulletproof Coffee to arrive for me. Yes, I was looking out the window every time I would see the mail carrier, FedEx or UPS truck pull up to the front door wishing that today would be the day. After a few more days of grueling anticipation, it finally arrived.

Now before I get into Bulletproof Coffee let me tell you a little bit about my coffee background. I was never much of a coffee drinker in my earlier days. My mom would drink coffee religiously every morning and I just could not stand the taste of it.  As I got older I would try it out here and there but it still was not for me. I started trying out flavored coffees and those kind of agreed with me. When I started teaching, I would always have a cup in the morning that would help me stay alert for most of my days and an energy drink in the afternoon to keep me going.

I have friends, family and my wife who swear by coffee, but nowadays I tend to drink it occasionally in the mornings if I feel I need an extra boost to get me going. Recently I just started a new job that has me reading a lot throughout the day. Now, if you are not wide awake and full of energy, reading a ten page or sometimes forty page proposal can make you a little sleepy.  So, just like my teaching job, I drink coffee to help me get through the day.

I have never heard of Bulletproof Coffee and I started researching them and saw videos of people putting some type of butter in their drinks and saying how it boosted their energy throughout the day. I had to make some time to do all that research and then it hit me, I need to try to take some time for myself too. So that’s when I decided I’m going to use Bulletproof Coffee to help me make time for myself. So what does that all mean?

I decided that every morning I am going to wake up a little earlier and try to get a quick workout in before I go to work. I used to run a lot when I was training for the Chicago Marathon, but lately my running has taken a back seat. I noticed that the energy that I had from an early morning run was not with me throughout the day. 
Other than the butter or Grass-Fed Ghee as it is called, Bulletproof Coffee uses a Brain Octane Oil that gives you an energy boost throughout the day. Now I did not really feel this boost immediately, but after a few cups and adding a little more to my coffee, I started feeling the boost. I guess it also can be the the coffee beans themselves are low-toxin, so they don’t have any performance robbing mold on them. I know what you are all thinking: How does it taste? It has a buttery taste to it, not heavy butter, but kind of like how your fingers taste after eating a bucket of popcorn. Yeah, kind of like that. 
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I make the coffee in the morning and it is quick and easy to make. Bulletproof Coffee is a great addition to my new routine because it helps me focus on my day and gives me that little boost that I need to not fall asleep while sitting at my desk all day. I drink another cup of it when I get home to help me focus on my writing and maybe take a quick run in the evening.  I especially like that it comes from high altitude estates in Guatemala since I’m Guatemalan-American, it’s coffee from my parents’ homeland. 
If you are curious about Bulletproof coffee they do have starter sets on their website and it would make a great gift for the coffee lovers in your family. 
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