Look out here comes the Lion Guard!

Whoa oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh

Whoa oh oh oh oh

Look out, here comes the Lion Guard!

If those lyrics do not make you jump out of your chair and start dancing then you are depriving yourself of the awesomeness that is Disney’s The Lion Guard. What is The Lion Guard? Well, it is the latest show on Disney Junior that tells of the adventures of Kion and his friends as they learn lessons of leadership, teamwork, and trust.

My son is a big fan of the show and I think the theme song is one of the main reasons why he loves it.   It such a fun show and it’s great seeing some familiar characters from the Lion King movies in the show.

In order to celebrate the new release of The Lion Guard: Life in the Pride Land on DVD, the Fandads are giving away three copies to our readers. The dvd comes with five episodes of the series and five, exclusive silicone bracelets for you to share with your pride.  How can you win a copy you might ask? In the comment section below, tell us the name of your favorite character from the Lion King line of movies and why that character is your favorite. Winners will be chosen next week Wednesday.

Here’s some more information about The Lion Guard.

Join Kion and his diverse group of friends as they celebrate unity within the Circle of Life and protect the Pride Lands in five action-packed episodes also featuring Simba, the spirit of Mufasa and the hilarious antics of Timon and Pumbaa. You’ll go wild for all the ferocious fun, because whether the Lion Guard team is tracking a rouge leopard, foiling tricky jackals or facing stubborn crocodiles, Life in The Pride Lands is always “hevi kabisa”  totally intense!

Just in case you have never heard the theme song; here you go! 

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