Have a Red Valentine’s Day with Game of Thrones

Just in time for Valentine’s Day HBO is bringing you some fun Valentine’s Cards to share with your loved one on this special day. So if you want to call someone the moon to your life or break some vows that you were told to uphold there is a card for you. 

These cards all showcase some of the fun products that are available at the HBO Shop and you can purchase them for the Mother of Dragons in your life. I mean, you would not want to get her mad, right?

Ladies, let’s not forget that special man in your life that would Hodor for you when you go out. (I know, that was cheesy, but I had to do it). There are some great t-shirts, drinking glasses, and games that are sure to please them. Or you can just give them a dirty look every now and then and he’ll think you are being coy with him. 
If you have that significant other that is hard to buy something for, you could always get them a bust of the Night King. Because what doesn’t say I love you more than being given the cold stare when you get them the wrong gift? At least this way, it’s the bust giving you the look. 
So head on down to the shop and get yourself all set up before the new season of Game of Thrones begins or use Valentine’s Day as a way to catch up on the episodes you may have missed. 
Why should you listen to me……because that’s what I do, I write and know things. 
Happy Valentine’s Day my friends.  

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