Relive a tale as old as time #BeautyandtheBeast Review

As most children, my daughter goes through phases with her Disney movies. Most parents know this routine. One movie is played constantly on a loop until they find another movie to replace it. So with all these movies being played endlessly, I’m kind of glad that one of those was not Beauty and the Beast. The reason I say that is because when we were able to see it on the big screen again after not seeing it for so long, it brought back feelings of nostalgia and made, at least for me, the experience feel like I was watching it for the first time.

There really is not much to tell you about this move that you probably don’t already know: Belle is considered “odd” because she likes to read, Gaston has a huge ego, Belle trades places with her father who was captured by the Beast, and Belle sees the Beast for who he is inside and they live happily ever after. Now if Disney just did that some people would have been happy with it while others probably would have expected more. Remember, it’s hard to please everyone nowadays.

What Disney decided to do was recreate the beloved animated classic but added and subtracted a few things here and there. We learn a little bit about Belle’s mother and this helps in giving us a better understanding as to why Belle is who she is. Gaston was already a kind of evil man, but in the movie he goes one step further in an attempt to get rid of Maurice. As for the character Lafou, there is much to do about nothing here with all this supposed “controversy”.  A lot of the jokes are so tongue and cheek that you hardly even notice them, unless you are really looking for them. There is another great gag toward the end of the movie, that involves Madame Garderobe, that you just have to laugh about it.

Watching the movie with real life characters is just fascinating that it is really a visual treat for the eyes. One scene that I was really looking forward to was the “Be our guest” scene.  That is my favorite scene in the animated movie, that I could not wait to see how it was portrayed. My friends, that scene did not disappoint. By far it was one of the coolest and most impressive things that I have scene, outside of all the superhero and science fiction movies that I have seen. We saw the movie in IMAX 3D, and it was just intense seeing all the plates and food fly around on the big screen. I can not wait to see the movie again, mainly to see this scene again.

While you are waiting to go see the movie, why not have some fun with these coloring sheets. There are a variety of coloring sheets featuring some of the characters from the film and it could be a fun way to pass time while waiting for the movie to begin. You can grab the printables here.

Beauty and the Beast is one of those movies that you need to experience so make sure you catch it in theaters now.

Kid Friendly – Some younger children might be scared of the Beast the first few times he is shown in the movie. My son was a little scared, but as we saw more of the Beast, he began to like him.

Violence – It is not until the final few minutes where we see some violent scenes in the movie. Mainly Gaston’s final fight with the Beast. My daughter didn’t like this scene because Gaston was hurting the Beast.

Fandads Rating – 5 out of 5

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