It’s time to start running again!

Last year’s Shamrock Shuffle

Next Sunday, April 2, I will be running in my fourth Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle. I will be running with thousands of other runners throughout Chicago’s downtown area and celebrating the beginning of the running season. Last year I ran the race in a pair of Lee Khakis just because they were so flexible and comfortable. This year, I don’t know how I’ll dress, but if you follow us on Instagram, you will probably see a picture or two of the run.

So why do I run? Why would I wake up early on a Sunday morning and run 5 miles? Well, one reason is: “Why not?” Why not take advantage of the time you have on this planet and go out and do something new and different that you have never done before. I like the notion of running on these busy downtown streets without the worries of cars hitting me when I am crossing the streets. It is also exciting to see all the people cheering you on as you run through the city and getting that rush when you cross the finish line. Yeah, I can’t wait for that moment.

Another reason that I am doing this run is that it is getting me ready for what I have planned for this year. I have, at least as of this writing, 3 runs and 2 obstacle course races planned. I, like everyone in the world, am turning a year older and I want to continue proving to myself and my children that you can accomplish anything you want as long as you try. This year is going to be fun, but I can not wait to accomplish all of my goals.

My first goal this year is to complete a Spartan Sprint and Spartan Super on the same weekend. If you have read my previous posts about the Spartan races, you will know that these races have been a struggle for me. Last year I went back and conquered the Spartan Super after it kicked my butt the first time. So if I don’t like punishing myself enough, I will be doing the long 8-10 mile race on Saturday and the shorter 3-5 mile race on Sunday. I need to be ready for this race physically and mentally. I know what is waiting for me, but they have added new obstacles so it is going to be interesting this year. I am not sure how long it is going to take me, but I will try my best and not give up.

My second goal of the year is to complete my second Bank of America Chicago Marathon. This year I feel like I am better prepared for the run physically and mentally. I am also excited and proud to be running the marathon again as a St. Jude Hero. Last year what kept me going was knowing that I was running not only for myself but for the children of St. Jude. I was running to raise money to help support a great organization and make sure that no family has to ever pay a bill. Yeah, this run was tough, but seeing my family on the sixteenth mile and joining the other St. Jude Heroes after the race was an incredible experience.

I will once again need your help to reach my goal and help the families and children of St. Jude. If you would like to start helping out, any donation would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping by the time the marathon comes around I will have raised double of what I did last year.

If you are preparing yourself for any upcoming runs and are looking for music to keep you motivated I have created a running playlist on Spotify with songs that keep me going and will hopefully get you ready to run the streets.

Thanks for reading and maybe I’ll see you at my next run.

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