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The Fandads have been thinking about doing these type of post for a while and here is the debut of a new section where we will highlight things to do in Chicago over the weekend. Depending on what activities are going on we will highlight a few things that we think you and your family will enjoy doing in the city.

Let’s begin.


If you like comics, video games, comic book related movies, this is the place for you! The Fandads have been attending C2E2 since it first started in Chicago over seven years ago and it has become a tradition for my daughter and I.  This year is a sad one, because it will be the last time that the Legend Stan Lee will be there.  Take advantage of this opportunity and try to get an autograph or picture with the man who has created so many “amazing” characters and worlds. Plus, we all love seeing his cameos in the Marvel movies.
Another reason we love attending is Artist Alley and the vendor section. I have always found some great books in Artist Alley and it’s always great talking to these artists about their work and what motivated them to make their book. How many times do you get to talk to your favorite comic book creator?
C2E2 is going on April 21 – April 23 and you can still get your tickets on their website.

Olive Theory Pizzeria

After a day of walking around looking at comic books and buying some cool collectibles, why not take a drive to Olive Theory Pizzeria in Downers Grove. The Fandads recently tried out the incredible pizzas there and can’t wait to go back.

Now with many pizza places in Chicago, why make the drive out there to Olive Theory Pizzeria? For one, they have Build-your-Own-Pizzas and Dessert Pies! Depending on the ingredients they have on hand, you can have any toppings on your pizza. The night we went I tried out a Hawaiian pizza with was very tasty. Another reason to go out there with your friends is that for every ten pizzas that are sold they will donate one to help those in need. They are currently working with the Northern Illinois Food Bank to help out those who need it most.

Come on down with your friends, eat some pizza and help out a great cause.

AquaMermaid Chicago

Photo provided by AquaMermaid

Ok, so this weekend there will be a lot of people cosplaying as their favorite characters at C2E2 so it only makes sense to take that to another level when you go swimming.  Imagine going to a swimming class where you can dress up as a mermaid or merman and take swimming lessons.  If this sounds like something intriguing for you, then you need to check out AquaMermaid Chicago.

AquaMermaid Chicago has a variety of swim classes that are separated by age groups, swimming level and pool depth. So you will find something that is suitable for you if it’s your first time swimming with fins. The Fandads are planning a trip to officially check out the classes one day, so be on the look out for a full review of their classes in the future.

If you want to try out these classes check out their website and schedule your classes today.

There is it, our first foray into sharing what’s available in our city. If you like this post and want to see more let’s us know in the comments. Maybe help us come up with a better name for these posts.

Thanks for reading.

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