Hanging out with the Pitmasters at the Culinary Fight Club

Disclamer – The Fandads were invited to cover the Culinary Fight Club in exchange for tickets to the event. All thoughts, opinions and full stomachs are our own. 

I am not really a foodie. I mean, I am not the type that can tell what spices and seasonings were used in a dish just by tasting it, but I love to eat food. Back in the day when I was home with my daughter I would sit and watch the Food Network all day and attempt to try out some of the dishes I would see. Sometimes the dishes were a success while other times they came out so-so.

When I was asked if I wanted to attend a Culinary Fight Club event at the Hard Rock Cafe Chicago, I practically jumped up to say yes. If you have not heard of Culinary Fight Club, here is a quick run down of how the events take place:
“Culinary Fight Club is a national organization that hosts live cooking competitions.  At each event, attendees watch as contestants from home cooks to executive chefs race for their pantry in 45 seconds.  Contestants get to choose from 15 provided  ingredients. From there, contestants have 60 minutes to create the most gourmet dish that represents their take on our monthly theme. The audience and judges vote and decide on a winning dish. 
Aside from being an incredibly fun event, Culinary Fight Club events exclusively give back to the 501(c) (3) non profit organization Fight2Feed, an organization that partners top restaurants with food trucks to provide service and support to hungry men, women and children in our communities.”
Sadly I missed the beginning of this event, so I did not get to see the mad scramble of the chefs running to get their ingredients before starting to cook. I did get to see the aftermath of this and let’s just say it looked like this batch of chefs were ready to battle. 
The chefs battling it out that night were not playing around. There were some amazing dishes made that night by all of the chefs. A delicious Surf and Turf meal won the fan choice for the night. While the big winner of the evening was the Texas Redfish that was smoked by Kristina Garrdbo. I’m not a big fish guy but this was very tasty and made me wish I could take the entire plate home to finish. 

This was such a great event and I think that if you love food you should definitely check it out when it comes in your area. 
The next Chicago event will be held on July 17th at Concord Fifty Five and this event will focus on steak. If you want to attend click the following link to get tickets and use the code FANDAD17 to save $15 off of your ticket.  

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