Getting our fill of steak at Culinary Fight Club

Disclaimer: The Fandads were invited to cover Culinary Fight Club all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

My wife and I have always talked about trying out as many restaurants as possible. It is kind of a goal of ours to enjoy a nice exotic meal and just really sit there and savor the entire experience. Obviously, since we have children, sometimes it is hard to go to a nice restaurant and just take our time eating. One day we will have that luxury, but in the meantime, we have fun events like the Culinary Fight Club to give us that experience.
In early July I was invited to the Pitmasters version of Culinary Fight Club, and I had such a great time and ate a lot of great food that I could not wait until the next event. Luckily, I did not have to wait too long because the next event was just around the corner. On July 17th, we were lucky to attend the Culinary Fight Club – The Steak at Concord Fifty Five. Now being someone that loves to grill steak every now and then, I was excited to check out this event.

If you have never attended a Culinary Fight Club event let me give you a little insight on to how it goes. There are a number of chefs gathered together to cook based on a key ingredient. For this month’s event that ingredient was steak. At the beginning of the event the chefs get a shot to get their ingredients from the “pantry” which is a table loaded with different ingredients that they can use in their dish. Once the pantry time is up the chefs have an hour to cook their meal.

This is the great part of the event because the attendees can walk around and watch these chefs cook their food and ask them questions about their process. As we walked around, the air starts filling with the delicious aroma coming off of the chef’s grills. It is such a great moment to just smell all of that greatness and your mouth just starts watering.  It is also at this time when you start planning which dish you want to taste first and comparing notes with other attendees.

The four chefs that were cooking the awesomeness for this event were: Joelle Brown, Geo Phelps, Stephen Sandoval, Corey Rice, and all of them brought their “A” game. Just look at the pictures below and you can see how amazing some of these dishes were. If only you can smell what we smelled that night your mouth would be watering right now. 
While we walked around and enjoyed the aroma filling up the air, the ones that had it hard that night were the judges. These three judges had to taste all of the dishes and choose a winner that night. That is a pretty difficult position to be in if you ask me. The three judges: Paul Caravelli, Ina Pinkney and Massimo Gaffo tasted some incredible dishes that night and they chose Chef Stephen Sandoval’s dish. He had made a cherrychurri sauce, yes you read that right, a cherrychurri sauce that was superb and that could have been what gave him the win. 

The Judges tasting the samples

The night’s winner Stephen Sandoval

This was another incredible night and we are again thankful for being invited to witness this fun Culinary Fight Club. Remember friends that proceeds from ticket sales and the 50/50 raffle go to help Fight2Feed, so come out, eat some great food, and help out a great cause.

The next event will be on August 13th and tickets are now available. You can purchase your tickets here and maybe we will see you there.

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