5 Wonder Woman Moments We can not wait to rewatch!

With the Wonder Woman movie coming out on Blu-ray today there are a few moments that my daughter and I can not wait to rewatch. I mean the entire movie is fantastic, but there are a few key scenes that stick out in our minds. Let us share them with you. 

1. No Man’s Land

This scene was just amazing because it was the first time that we saw Diana Prince in her Wonder Woman gear. It was almost an hour into the movie when this scene took place and it was well worth it! When all the men were saying that nothing can be done, Diana was the only one to climb up the ladder in the trenches and take on the opposing army. This scene gave me chills.

2. The Battle on Themyscira
Watching a army of Amazonia women defend their world from the invading German Army is so bad-ass to see. The way Antiope (Robin Wright) fights off the army with her bow and arrows is just pure poetry. 

3. That amazing theme

If there was one good moment in Batman vs Superman it was when Wonder Woman first showed up. You remember that scene. Batman is about to get a blast from Doomsday and in comes Wonder Woman to protect him from that blast. It’s not only her appearance that makes that scene, it is also the music that accompanies her. When that cello comes in you know that you are going to see some action. I love the use of her theme throughout the movie.

4. Training with Antiope

Most every action movie has a training montage of the main protagonist becoming the great hero that they are destined to be and this movie is no different. Seeing how tough Antiope is with Diana makes you glad your instructor at the gym is not that tough on you.

5. The Amazonians

As we mentioned in our post about Wonder Woman, it is great to see women as the main superheroes in a movie. Even though Chris Pine is in the movie, he is not the main focus of the movie. The movie is about how Wonder Woman’s came to be and and all the strong and confident woman that helped her to get there. Wonder Woman is a great movie for all to see and it is still sad that it took so long to come to the big screen.

Wonder Woman is available today at your local retailer.

Thanks for reading and we wrote this because we are fans of the movie and can not wait to see it again.

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