Don’t Fear The Reaper

I’m not sure how I found myself here, hurling down from the heavens to the earth below. There were others around me but they soon scattered to the four winds. I pulled the chute and started my slow descent into madness. The factory was a favorite spot of mine, some images were flashing back now, I’d been here before. Hundreds of times.

Instinctively I landed on a rooftop and quickly found a weapon. A suppressed submachine gun, and it was a timely find as I saw that I had been followed. I quickly opened fire, grazing the enemy. He fell back and ran off, seemingly deciding to live to fight another day. I didn’t follow him as I could hear a treasure chest beckoning me from inside.

In the chest, I found weapons and shields that would serve me well if I was to continue on evading the storm, and the other poor souls trapped on this island with me. It was a savage spin on Groundhog Day and it was all coming back to me. 100 souls are thrown on a bus and dropped off onto an island. Slowly forced into smaller circles, lest they die at the hands of the storm raging around them until only one person remains.

Until it happens all over again.

That’s all I could remember at the moment. Slowly I gathered my supplies and scavenged for parts. Then I heard footsteps. Before I knew it I was hit. I quickly scrambled for cover, I refused to die here, alone, surrounded by porcelain thrones. I returned fire and managed to flank my opponent. He decided to turn tail and run.

This time I gave chase. I quietly stalked him past trees and hills when he finally stopped to attempt to heal himself up. I wouldn’t give him the chance. Boom! One shot, one kill. I gave the fallen a quick salute and I went on my way.

I managed to traverse the island stealthily, not making much noise, but I also had trouble finding more supplies. The storm raged on and I somehow found myself in the middle of it. It was down to half a dozen competitors and I was one of them.

Forts, bridges, walls went up and gunfire was exchanged. Six became five, and then quickly four. I decided to enter the fray. I made my way past the makeshift labyrinth of wood and metal around me and quickly used my shotgun to dispatch another opponent. Down to three. Across the field, I saw that someone else met their fate.

And then there were two.

He had the higher ground so I quickly made some shelter. Building has never been a strength of mine but I was prepared. I had plenty of bricks and metal and while it took me longer to build my fort, it was sturdy. I started to trembled. I’d been in this situation before, but it was always quick, and this time was different, this time I had a chance.

The reaper came for me, he fired and his aim was true, but my shields held. I shuffled right as he shuffled to the left. We jumped and flailed as we exchanged fire and I slowly gained the higher ground. I had one last shot.


He fell to the ground, leaving all of his worldly possessions behind. I had won. Victory was mine.

You Always Remember Your First
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