Avengers Infinity War Blu-ray Review

Disclaimer: The Fandads were provided with an advance copy of Avengers: Infinity War for review. All thoughts, opinions, and tears are our own. 

I remember when the Avengers movie was released how awesome it was to see the characters that I followed in their respective comics books and movies all together on the big screen. Just that rotating shot of the group getting ready to take on the incoming Chitari army was more than enough to get this Fandad excited about the upcoming possibilities.

Here we are ten years and 20 plus movies later and we have an epic assortment of Marvel characters together to take on the mad titan Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. If you were to tell me when I was younger that I would see Spider-Man alongside Iron Man, Dr. Strange or Star-Lord, I would have thought you were crazy, but seeing them all together on the screen is one of the many great teams-ups in this groundbreaking movie.

By this time, maybe, everyone in the world has seen Avengers: Infinity War. So while reviewing the home release may seem redundant we will talk about some of the special features on the home release and list our 5 favorite moments to watch over and over. (Note: If you have not seen the movie yet, don’t scoll down to the 5 moments that we have chosen. It might spoil the movie for you.)

Depending on where you get your copy of the film you will have some extras that other home releases might not have. Below is the complete list of extras that are included with the Blu-ray release.

BONUS MATERIAL (may vary by retailer):
Blu-ray & Digital:
Strange Alchemy (5:08)– Share the thrill of characters from across the MCU meeting for the first time—and discover why some were teamed up together.
The Mad Titan (6:34) – Explore the MCU’s biggest, baddest villain, his trail of influence through the stories, and the existential threat he represents.
Beyond the Battle: Titan (9:36) – Dive into the climactic struggle on Thanos’ ruined world, including the epic stunts and VFX, to uncover the source of its power.
Beyond the Battle: Wakanda (10:58) – Go behind the scenes to find out how the filmmakers pulled off the most massive and challenging battle Marvel had ever attempted.
Deleted and Extended Scenes (10:07)
Happy Knows Best (1:23) – Tony and Pepper spar over the details of their upcoming wedding—until a hassled Happy Hogan pulls up with an urgent request.
Hunt for the Mind Stone (1:24) – On a darkened street, Wanda Maximoff and the wounded Vision attempt to hide from Thanos’ brutal allies.
The Guardians Get Their Groove Back (3:20) – As Peter Quill and Drax quarrel over their failed mission to Knowhere, Mantis interrupts with news.
A Father’s Choice (4:00) – Thanos confronts Gamora with a vision from her past—and with lying to him about the Soul Stone.
Gag Reel (2:05)– Watch your favorite Super Heroes make super gaffes in this lighthearted collection of on-set antics.
Audio Commentary (approx. 149 min.) by Anthony and Joe Russo, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely

Digital Exclusive:
A Directors’ Roundtable (approx. 32 min.) – Eight amazing directors reflect on how their movies contribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s larger storytelling adventure.

Also, depending on where you get your copy you might have a different packaging, but no matter what version you pick up, you will still get a spectacular movie that you will want to watch over and over.

Here are a few scenes that come to mind:

The reveal of the Iron Spider Suit

Ok, so we did see this suit at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, but for all we knew it was just a one-off thing that we would not see again. Thankfully we were able to see this suit in action in the movie. From the moment it attache to Peter to the moment we see the mechanical legs pop out, this was a great suit to see in the movie.

Thor’s entrance on Wakanda

One thing that would have made this moment even better if “Immigrant Song” started playing as soon as Thor landed, but nonetheless, this was still a great moment. Seeing Thor stand on the battlefield of Wakanda with Rocket and Groot next to him was one of the greatest moments of the movie. I’m pretty curious to wonder how Hulk feels about Bruce Banner cheering on the arrival of Thor, knowing the love-hate relationship they have together.

The battle on Wakanda

We knew there was going to be an epic battle in the movie, but we did not know it was going to be this big. This scene has a lot of moments that need to be rewatched. The arrival of Thor (see above), Rocket and Bucky’s team-up. Finally, the introduction of Groot to Captain America. It’s great to see that even with all this intense fighting going on, we see some humor take place between these two. This is one of the best cinematic battles and let’s see if we get another moment like this in the sequel.

The return of Captain America

The man has been in hiding since the end of Civil War and we knew he would be back in this movie, but his entrance is pretty badass. We could have just seen him walk into a scene like, “Hey guys! I’m back!”, but instead, we get him standing in the shadows and catching Proxima Midnight’s spear as she throws it at him like it is nothing.

The snap

There have been some moments in Marvel movies that just punch you in the gut. Some scenes that come to mind are the “death’ of Bucky, Star-Lord finding out the truth about his mom’s death, and the death of Quicksilver. Do you see a theme here? So obviously the greatest “punch-you-in-the-gut” moment in Infinity War is the snapping of the fingers by Thanos. When it happens, we don’t know what is going to happen, but then we see Bucky walking to Cap and then starting to fade away. Once we see him go others start to follow him.

This moment is so hurtful because a lot of the characters we see disappearing are characters that we have grown to love in the 10 plus years of watching Marvel movies. We know in the comics that characters never really die, but just seeing this happen to all of these Marvel characters just feels so real. There is one death during this moment that just hurts to see and that is seeing Spider-Man go. Just typing about it hurts. 

I will say that the Director’s Roundtable is a great watch. It’s pretty awesome to see how these different directors worked with each other to maintain the ongoing storyline and to keep true to the characters that other directors have created. This is one of the bonus features that deserve to be watched multiple times. 
There are other great moments in Avengers: Infinity War and you can relive them all by picking up your copy at your local retailer. Share with us in the comments what are your favorite moments. 
About Avengers: Infinity War
Box office history was made when Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” shattered all opening records, surpassed the $2 billion mark at the global box office in just 48 days, and remains the fourth highest-grossing film of all time. Now, the cinematic event ten-years in the making comes home Digitally on July 31 and Blu-ray on Aug. 14 with over two hours of bonus.
“Marvels’ Avengers: Infinity War” is a must-own addition to every in-home film collection and is packaged several ways so that fans get the most out of their viewing experience. Consumers who experience the ultimate showdown Digitally will join a 30-minute roundtable with Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) directors Anthony and Joe Russo, Jon Favreau, Joss Whedon, James Gunn, Ryan Coogler, Peyton Reed and Taika Waititi who reflect on how their movies contribute to the MCU’s larger storytelling adventure. 
The 4K Cinematic Universe Edition’s never-before-seen bonus material grants behind-the-scenes access to MCU members and features the memorable moments when characters first meet, the rationale behind some unexpected on-screen pair-ups, and a funny Super Hero gag reel. Featurettes explore the frighteningly powerful Thanos and two action-packed attempts to prevent his collection of all six Infinity Stones: the struggle on Titan and the massive battle in Wakanda. Deleted scenes and filmmaker commentary reveal even more on-set secrets from Marvel Studios’ monumental undertaking.
The Multi-Screen Edition includes a Blu-ray and a Digital Copy of the film, giving viewers the flexibility to watch the film on different devices. Those with 4K Ultra HD capability may opt for a 4K Cinematic Universe Edition, which includes a 4K Ultra HD disc, a Blu-ray, and a Digital Copy. 
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