The Beginning of a New Routine

Friends, it’s that time of year again, the first day of school. This year is a little bittersweet, not only for my wife and I but for many other parents that have their last child starting kindergarten. My son is going to start school this year and I know two days that are going to be somewhat depressing in our household: Mondays and Fridays.

Since my wife started her new job a few years ago, she would have every Monday off and our routine was pretty much routine. On Mondays, we would wake up early and drop my daughter off at school then head to my son’s speech therapy. Once inside the office, I would hang out with them for a few minutes then walk to the bus stop and head to work.

My wife would run errands with my son after his lesson and then drop him off at pre-school and had a few hours to herself while both children were at school. During those few hours, she would catch up on her DVR’d shows or just take the moment and relax until it was time to pick the kids up from school.  Once the children were off from school for the summer, the routine was the same, the only difference was we did not drop my daughter off at school and she would keep my wife company while my son was in his session with his instructor.

My story takes place on Fridays. I am lucky to have Fridays off from my job and that was my day to drop off my daughter at school and just hang out with my son all day. We would usually run some errands after dropping off my daughter and pick up breakfast or go home and make breakfast. My son would help me out with some household chores until it was time to take him to school. I would do the same as my wife after dropping off my son: catch up on shows or try to work on the blog.

This past Monday was my wife’s last day to hang out with both of our children all day and it was an emotional one for her. She slept in a little this morning with both kids in our bed and told me she wanted to cherish this day with them. She told me as the kids were making themselves breakfast, she heard them talking about the first day of school. My son asked his sister if she was scared and she answered no and when she reversed the question, he commented that he’s not scared either and that he’s brave.

My wife lost it when she heard him say that. My son has gone through a lot this past year and we both worry about how he will be treated in school. His speech is not that clear and we wonder if the other kids will make fun of him because of it. He just got glasses and we worry about him taking care of them and hopefully not breaking or losing them.

Our main worry is his seizures. Luckily, since starting his medication, he has been seizure free, but how would his classmates react if he were to ever have an episode while he is in school? Will his teacher follow the action plan that we have at the school? Will my wife and I be able to get out of work if need be and go to the school for him? Our minds are just full of a lot of scenarios, but we hope that everything will run smoothly once he’s used to the routine of his class.

This Friday will be my first day to have all to myself. It will be strange to drop both kids off at school and run errands on my own and just have the entire house to myself. I know I will keep myself busy, but it will be weird to not have my son asking me to watch a certain show on television or just sit next to me and nap as we relax because we woke up early to take my daughter to school. I do not know if I am ready for the silence in the house.

As much as parents can’t wait for school to start again, it is bittersweet seeing our children go back to school.

Let’s hope we all have a great and safe year.

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