Silicon Valley Season 5 now available on DVD #giveaway

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Just released yesterday on DVD is season 5 of Silicon Valley and what can we say again about this show that we have not said before? It’s such a fun show and a pretty fun way to see what might actually happen in the tech world. Ok, maybe not everything happens like it does on the show, but it would be pretty cool if it did. This show is a favorite of mine and I can not wait until the next season comes out.

That being said, if you feel the need to catch up, make sure you enter our giveaway, but before you do that, check out our short recap of season 5. I’ll say it again, there is just something about the show that resonates with us. Maybe it’s the computer talk or the awkwardness that we experience when meeting new people, but this is one of our favorite shows on cable right now. Yeah, I know I already said that.

This season brought a lot of great moments; from the reemergence of Gavin Belson, Jian Yang trying to take over all of Erlich’s estates and Jared feeling some competition from Richard’s new assistant. It is always fun watching the cringe-worthy actions of Richard when he is trying to be the leader and when coming up with a somewhat witty put-down “Kiss my piss!” Yeah, I don’t know if that will take off, but you never know.

The show keeps getting better every season and the way this season ended, I can not wait to see what happens next season. I mean, it looks like the boys are finally making it big, but why do I feel that either Gavin or Richard is going to mess things up.

Favorite moments of this season.

  • The aforementioned Richard coming up with a strange put-down to a developer that they were supposed to work with.
  • Jared going HAM on a camper in the final episode. (Probably my favorite part in the whole season.)
  • Big Head interacting with the A.I. robot.
  • The design for the Gavin Belson Signature Box. (How does he not see it?)
  • Gilfoyle’s alert on his computer when there is a change in the crypto-currency market.

Here’s the official word about the show:

Finally on the brink of success, Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) and the Pied Piper team return for the funniest season yet in HBO’s hit comedy Silicon Valley: The Complete Fifth Season, coming to DVD September 4, 2018. In a season which earned seven total 2018 Emmy® nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, season five “is still capable of extracting gut-busting comedy” (Slant Magazine).

The return of executive producers Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-Head) and Alec Berg’s (Barry, Curb Your Enthusiasm) tech-skewering comedy finds the Pied Piper guys emerging from the fourth season’s chaos, as they get closer than they’ve ever been to real fame and fortune. But with more money, inevitably, comes more problems. While Richard struggles to be a leader and play with the big dogs, the rest of the team adjusts to new faces, new digs and new anxieties. Always looming is Hooli rival Gavin Belson, who has returned to power but finds the threat of Pied Piper, and its boldness, hard to shake. Continuing to mine the over-the-top world of Silicon Valley for humor and poignancy, this season sees Pied Piper facing higher stakes, greater competition and even more opportunities to screw it all up.

Starring Thomas Middleditch (Joshy), Zach Woods (The Office), Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick), Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks), Josh Brener (Maron), Amanda Crew (Table 19), Matt Ross (Big Love), Jimmy O. Yang (upcoming Crazy Rich Asians) and Suzanne Cryer (The Fosters), the Silicon Valley: The Complete Fifth Season DVD includes all eight, 30-minute episodes, with a Season 4 Recap.

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